Discover travel destinations through short fictional stories.

A new way to discover destinations. Escape into reality.

We create our stories and our heroes’ worlds in a unique way. The spots we discover in the destinations and countries we visit – such as attractions, restaurants, or even nature parks – inspire us to come up with fictional stories and heroes. It’s a compelling reading experience to make you disconnect from the outside world, whiling discovering the atmosphere of a specific travel spot.

The story behind Spotting Tales.

The idea was born in 2017, while winter-hiking on the beautiful Jochberg mountain in Bavaria, Germany. As two passionate travelers, thinkers and writers, we realised how much the places we visited and liked the most had always one thing in common: making our brains go wild and imagining fictional, movie-like scenes in our heads. We wanted to bring these stories to the outside world. That’s how Spotting Tales was born.

Spotting Tales, for you.

You want us to cover a specific spot or a destination? What you think matters to us. Get in touch! We are always happy to collaborate to put more stories in the spotlight.

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